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這是位在台灣的 鏡像站

如果你正在使用 PHP Composer, 之指令 ,像是 create-project, require, update, remove。 當執行上述指令時, Composer 將會從下載相關套件資訊以及多個描述套件相依的JSON檔案。 如果你所在的位置離主 鏡像站較遠的話, 需要較多的時間下載上述的JSON檔案。 如果使用這個 mirror 站位址, 因為離此鏡像位址較近,將會在下載上述的JSON檔案上節省時間。

請參照下列的指令來改變 PHP Composer 設定並把此鏡像站設定為主要的Composer儲存庫:






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This site offers its services free of charge and only as a mirror site.

This site only provides package information / metadata with no distribution file of the packages. All packages metadata files are mirrored from We do not modify and/or process the JSON files. If there is something wrong, please disable the setting the Disable command above and try to refer to the original